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Growing up in east London, Rachel JESUTON Olaolu Amosu, was always a divided soul in search for her place in the world. Born to a Jamaican mother and a Nigerian father, she immersed herself in the multicultural influences of her hometown, later feeding a love for Latin America as an undergraduate at Oxford University.  

In March 2012, in pursuit of a childhood dream of making a living from music, she exchanged London for Brazil, where she started singing on the streets of Rio de Janeiro. 

Her powerful, emotive voice quickly captured the attention of the city and crowds would gather around her spontaneous street performances. Within a month of the first street show, a video of the young singer went viral, attracting hundreds of thousands of views and the attentions of GLOBO - the largest entertainment network in Latin America. 

Performances on the most popular TV shows in Brazil followed, as did a recording contact with the country's largest national label, Som Livre. The release of her breakout album Encontros (2012) was accompanied by performances all over Brazil including Rock in Rio in 2013. The following year brought the first DVD of her career, a homage to Motown, Show Me Your Soul (2014), filmed in Rio de Janeiro's historic Teatro Rival. 

Now, five years after first touching down in Brazil, Jesuton is ready to speak her own language. Communicating directly from her traveller's soul in her debut album of self-penned material, Jesuton reveals a profound internal universe. Partnering with Mario Caldato Jr, producer of the Beastie Boys, Jack Johnson and Seu Jorge, the new album HOME (2017) takes us on a noturnal journey through space and time and stands as a searingly honest testament to the world the way Jesuton sees it. 


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